Why oh why am I so suseptible to colds? I deserve better, but I never seem to get what I deserve. Or do I and I just don’t know it?

The sore throat started coming on last night. While Erin and Christine went shopping (and picked up items priced in the Deal of the Century range; those Lilly girls love a bargain), I crashed out and tried to recover. We sadly canceled a trip up to Portland to see relatives as I attempted to recoup.

I’ve been downing some Fresca, a Coca-Cola product based on grape fruit concentrate, as I try to get more citrus into my system. I figure it will be at least as effective as every other medicine I’ve ever tried, which is to say that nothing has ever worked because modern medicine has no cure for the common cold. So Fresca can’t be much stupider than the next thing. Equal, maybe, but not more so.