Christine goes out, Bernard and Liz come in.

Christine, Erin’s sister, has been helping us on the home front since she arrived last Tuesday. Having her here has been a godsend. She’s tackled every household task imaginable (including a few I didn’t imagine), and made the week a much more manageable one.

My cold is worse, not better, and it’s hard to believe that my plan of drinking more soda pop as a curative has failed to speed my recovery. It seemed genius at the time. Or maybe I’m confusing “genuis” with “carbonated.” That seems to happen a lot when I’m not thinking clearly and even sometimes when I am. I’m likely looking at another week of illness given my medical history. What a life.

Happily, it was only a few hours after I’d dropped Christine off at PDX that Bernard and Liz drove into town. They’ll be with us until next Sunday, again insuring that we eat well and that Jonah is well looked after.