Memorial Day

A litany of ailments can’t keep me off the pitch or stop me from whining.

Sleeping is one way to pass the afternoon and not a bad one when you feel as lousy as I do. The headcold or flu or SARS or whatever the bug is seems to be persisting at a reasonably low level. I’m tired, moderately congested, a little sneezy, and sore throated. I’m not sure that “throated” is a verb, but I’m gonna use it anyway as a sign of just how much this illness has impacted my mental state. Actually, I’m not sure “sneezy” is a verb either. Lordy, I’m losing it altogether.

Despite all this illness, it still didn’t keep me from traveling up I-5 with Bernard so I could play in this week’s co-ed over 30 soccer game. Given my condition I actually played pretty well. Dennis repeatedly came up huge in goal, and we won 2-0 on a penalty and a direct free kick right outside the box. I had a lot of chances and gave others a lot of chances that I’d like to think might have gone in had I been closer to 100 percent. Right now I’m just happy to have nothing on my personal sports schedule until next Monday’s game. I need to feel better.