If one kid is a challenge, imagine two.

Unlikely though it may seem, we’re not the only ones in our extended family staring at a newborn. Erin’s cousin Adam and his girlfriend had twins just about a month before Jonah was born. Along with the Bernard and Liz, we took a trip to Portland to the see the new family, and celebrate with the Starrs and the Robins. The twins, Noor and Lucy, are tiny. Like Jonah, they are very cute, and I was saddened that my cold prevented me from holding them (the same way it’s kept me from Jonah in the last week).

That last point deserves some expounding since it’s driving me nuts. When Jonah was first born, I was happy to hand him off to whomever wanted to hold him knowing that ultimately I was going to see a lot more face time than they were. Well, having been forced into a separation from Jonah for a week in effort not to give him my stupid head cold, I can appreciate why people enjoy holding infants: They’re so cute it’s unreal. I’m increasingly unhappy not to be able to do more than stare at him and talk to him from a distance.

Anyway, the twins were also outrageously cute, and I’m glad I had a chance to see them if nothing else. As the years go by I’m less and less happy with my immune system. Somebody needs to tell it to get with the program. It’s not listening to me.