Those boys of summer (aka Henney and Nicky) love their baseball.

The Starrs hosted a party this evening for Dennis, Marnie, Henney, and Nicky, and when have their parties been anything other than great? The Robins contingent was there of course (including Adam and Nena’s infants Lucy and Noor), though without Emily who is off at a science “nerd” camp in West Virginia.

Henney and Nicky talked a number of us into a game of pickle, so Jessica, Dennis, Marnie, and me spent a good deal of the evening running and throwing with the boys. I wasn’t dressed for sports, but what’s a few sweat and grass stains on dress clothes when there’s kid-like fun to be had?

Dennis, Marnie and family head soon for a couple years in Costa Rica. They’ll be back in the States over the summer, and we’re going to try to get out to see them in New Hampshire next year. For now, this has been a wonderful opportunity to see them all again. Tonight’s meeting at the Starrs made, I thought, for a good sendoff.