The Dalles, Oregon

If you’re gonna be stranded, why not here?

If you’ve got to be stranded some place, you could do a lot worse than my Uncle Howard and Aunt Dorothy’s place in The Dalles. Situated on what’s likely the highest buildable hill at the eastern end of the city, their home overlooks the dam, the airport, the Columbia River, and the town itself. The view is, in a word, spectacular, and it matters not whether you’re looking at various things during the day or just enjoying the lights at night. It’s really breathtaking.

The house is a large single level with multiple bedrooms and good spacial separation between the master bedroom and the guest rooms. That means any of Jonah’s night time whining—or any of mine given the way things are working out with the car—won’t be a bother to Howard or Dorothy. The view from both the formal dining room and the living room is, as I’ve noted, world-class.

They also have a very enjoyable outdoor pool. There’s a slide and several floatation toys which I’ve played with for a good many minutes. A fiber optic lighting system rings the pool, and at night it gradually shifts between five different colors, making for a very attractive means of illumination. Night time swimming where you can look up at the stars and down on the lights of the city is pretty dang cool.

The mechanic has had to order an alternator from Portland so we won’t be good to go until tomorrow. As I say, it could be worse.