We arrive at the base that comes after third.

We’re home now, and everything is still standing. As one might imagine, it’s great to be here.

The Mazda’s new alternator seems to be working. It got us from The Dalles to Salem without a hitch, so that’s promising. Erin’s advocating taking the vehicle on our trip to California, but I’ll need a few more days of driving before I come even close to entertaining that proposition. It’s one thing if the car craps out near family or friends. It’s quite another if we’re more than 300 miles from anyone we know. At least that’s the argument I’m making.

We had another good day yesterday at Howard and Dorothy’s. Swam in the pool a couple of times. Ate lunch in Dallesport, Washington at the airport across the Columbia River. The owner of NAPA auto parts in The Dalles was also there, and after hearing our tale of woe, he bought our lunch. So although the quality of his replacement parts might be suspect, at least he’s a class guy. As we were leaving, we bumped into the fellow who started the Roth’s grocery chain. He and his wife marvelled over Jonah, so clearly they’re class people too.

It’s good to be back. Thanks to everyone who wrote or called to wish us well.