Los Altos, California

Baby’s first airplane ride is something of a snooze. Works for me.

Jonah’s first airline ride went fine. The Southwest flight was under capacity, so we got to bring his car seat on for free (normally we’d have to buy another seat). Jonah conked out as we taxied toward takeoff and didn’t awaken until after we’d touched down. Sure, he missed some nice views out the window—babies in carseats are apparently required to take the window seat, presumably so they can’t trap mom or dad there in cases of emergency—but we were thrilled to have everything go so smoothly. We’re keeping fingers crossed that he flies just as well on the return trip.

The weather down here in the South Bay is pleasant. Perhaps a touch warm, but nothing like the 90 to 100 degree heat wave we’ve dealt with up in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana in the last few weeks. I’m hoping that this holds for the duration of our vacation.

We’re staying with the Lillys in Los Altos. It’s good to be here.