Los Altos, California

Double Funk Crunch helps us disco in anniversary number nine.

Nine years Erin and I have been married. Sometimes people will say “it’s hard to believe it’s been X years” meaning that the length of the relationship feels either longer or shorter than the couple has actually been together. Nine years seems about right to me which, I guess, is a bonus since that happens to correspond with reality.

We’ve been fortunate in a great many ways during this time. We’re relatively healthy. We’ve made substantial progress on all our personal and professional goals. We’ve bought a house and established ourselves in a community. We’ve begun a family. We are, in fact, almost precisely where we planned to be in life, and I dare say that the roadmap we’ve laid out for the future just keeps getting more interesting and exciting. It’s hard sometimes not to just well up with feelings of gratitude and love.

This evening, the Lillys and us joined Mark, Christine, and Jared in Redwood City for a park concert by Double Funk Crunch, a disco-themed cover band. The tunes were good, and we enjoyed a picnic under pleasant weather conditions. I found it a good way to decompress after all the stress of recent weeks. Jonah, a music lover, seemed to have a good time as well.

Speaking of whom, Jonah continues his incremental growth. He’s been a little upset about being a car seat lately, but given all the indignities we’ve unintentionally subject him to in the same, it’s hard to believe he’s not sharpening knives for us. A little crying is nothing given all the hours and miles he’s logged. There’d probably be something wrong if he wasn’t upset.

He’s drooling a fair amount nowadays—though I’m told not nearly as much as he will be once he starts teething—and eating a lot more than he used to. I suspect he’s probably somewhere in the 14 lbs. range, but we’ve not weighed him recently. The bottom line is that he’s doing well, and if that’s so, Erin and I can’t be doing all bad. (One could argue that Jonah is at least partial proof that we must be doing something right.)

So nine years, my friends, with plans for a whole lot more.