Los Altos, California

Oh sure, a new car would be nice if we’re talking objects. But as a thing to do, I’ll pick hanging out with friends just about every time.

We introduced Jonah to our friends Michael and Marilyn this afternoon and to our friends Brian, Debbie, and Erin this evening. All were thrilled to meet him, and I dare say he appeared similarly happy to make their acquaintance.

Jonah’s babbling a lot now, and he and Michael carried on a hilarious extended “conversation” in which Jonah sold Michael a big screen TV with extended warranty. At another point Jonah was experiencing some discomfort—probably gas or a bowel movement—and Marilyn flipped him around in half a dozen positions in short order until she found one that made him feel better. I was so impressed that I asked her if this talent resulted from professional training. No, no, just motherhood (which is kind of the same thing).

We visited with our friends Brian, Debbie, and their daughter Erin for dinner. All were smitten by Jonah who, I do confess, is at a particularly adorable stage right now. He’s smiling more frequently, he usually enjoys being held (and we’ve been handing him out to folks far and wide), and he’ll hold babbling conversations. He’s a pretty cool squeak toy. Brian happily carried Jonah about the house, singing Irish love songs to him which was touching. Debbie got some of the nuzzle treatment from Jonah, which is always cute (and rather enjoyable).

So lucky are we to have such good friends.