Los Altos, California

For some reason, not every day is this good. I’ll take ’em when I can get ’em.

Despite the week of family, friends, and fun, this is actually a business trip for me. Thanks to the referral from a friend, I’m now doing Internet work for a San Jose restaurant, Habana Cuba. Named in 2002 one of the nation’s top 50 Hispanic restaurants and featuring a cook who was chef to the two Cuban presidents before Fidel Castro came to power, Habana Cuba is a fantastic dining experience. I can now attest to this personally. The lunch I had was terrific. If you’re visiting the South Bay area or if you live there already, let me highly recommend Habana Cuba as a fantastic place to eat.

In the mid-afternoon, I met Michael for a quick game of tennis. I’d played Bernard late last week, so I wasn’t quite as rusty as I might have been. (Still, including this match that makes only two games of tennis this year.) I’m very excited to say that I did not embarrass myself, a primary goal for me in whatever athletic endeavor I take part. I got a decent workout as well, Michael having the nasty habit of using the drop shot to cruel effect. Anyone in the Salem area wishing a tennis match with an aging and out of practice player should drop me a line.

We dined this evening with Jennie. She cooked up a really yummy meal for us, and like so many others took to Jonah like a fish to water. After dinner, we talked politics, technology, music (iPods!), movies, etc. into the late evening until sleep started overcoming us all. It was a fun way for me to end a really good day.