The US presidential contender flies into Portland tomorrow.

Dad and I are headed up to Portland this tomorrow to attend the Howard Dean speech at Portland State University. You can follow some of the action at Blog for America. There you’ll see a frequently updated graph on Dean’s efforts to raise $1 million by Tuesday ($413,552.97 as of noon ET Sunday) to counter the $1 million Bush just raised from fat cat Republican donors (all of whom I’d wager were huge beneficiaries of Bush’s tax cut schemes). Should you be so inclined, you can sign-up to receive email updates from the Dean campaign and to contribute dollars to the effort.

I see this as a chance to be a part of American political history. It’s my answer to the future question, “What did you do when the Bush Administration curtailed civil liberties, tried to destroy America’s moral standing in the world, and issued one tax cut bill after another for the benefit of the rich and to the detriment of the middle class and the poor?”

As I’ve said before, I will support any Democratic nominee in the general election against Bush. I hope that the nominee is Howard Dean.