Did somebody spike my drink? I feel all funky-like.

Holy moley has mine been an extended weekend of sleep deprivation. For whatever reason, Jonah’s been up once in the middle of the night for the last couple nights, and though Erin’s been the one handling the put-back, once I’m up, I’m up. In other words, Erin can get back to sleep, but I’ve been padding around the house in the wee hours. This has left me incredibly tired, but, unfortunately, unable to sleep. I’ve never had insomnia, and I usually sleep soundly, but this has been a rough weekend.

Last night I was up late helping Bret on an employment application then I woke up early (3 AM) to drive Mom and Dad to the airport. (I probably don’t need to mention that we took the Lexus. I’m still in the new owner stage, and therefore eager to drive it at almost every opportunity.) Bret got a very good application put together and the folks made the airport with no problems, but I’m a zombie. I got a little nap in the late afternoon after dropping Jonah off at school with Erin, but then it was up again to take care of munchkin while Erin went to indoor soccer. I’ll bet I sleep OK tonight; I haven’t been this exhausted since college.

Speaking of Jonah, he’s teething. It’s a little earlier than one would expect, but if you feel his bottom gum you can feel a little tooth starting to pop through. A lot of the teething toys are bigger than he can handle presently, so we’re helping him hold them. Bibs are in fashion as well, a trend that’s unlikely to change for at least a few years. In fact, maybe I should get one too given all the saliva he’s wiping off on me.

Jonah’s almost effortlessly rolling over back to front now to either the left or right as it suits him. He’s not gone front to back other one time a week or so ago, and who knows if he mean to do it then. At any rate his physical development seems to be marching forward at a steady pace. We’ll have a well-baby visit at Kaiser here in a few days, but I don’t anticipate anything other than continuing good news.