Yellowbottom Campground out past Sweet Home, Oregon

We put his portable crib in the tent and stuck him in that. What does he care where we are? Answer: He doesn’t.

We snuck away this weekend to join Dennis and Maria on a camp out at the spectacular Yellowbottom campground. The camp sites are relatively unpopulated, there are nice bathrooms, the river has a good swimming hole. One could hardly ask for more (except perhaps more time to enjoy it). We will be back!

Dennis brought his new GPS unit and though he and I were repeatedly mocked for our love of such gadgetry, we had a very good time playing with it. It’s got a lot of cool functions, but my favorite thing is what it enables. I’d love to take a GPS and go Geo-caching. That’d be a blast.

Jonah handled his first camp out very well. Erin and I set up his portable crib in the four-person tent we borrowed from my parents, stuck him in that, and he had no problem sleeping through the night. In fact, Erin and I, unaccustomed to sleeping on the ground—Thermarests or no—probably had a harder time of it. Jonah was his normal, happy self. That includes the two hour car rides to and fro. Yes, a very good outing! His first camp out a raging success!