The doctors and nurses at Kaiser change the oil and check the tires. Looking good for at least another 100,000 miles.

We hauled Jonah down to Kaiser for his four month “Well Baby” Checkup. No problems at all. He’s 16 lbs. 2 oz., 26.5 inches long, and cute as a button. He’s a huggy little monster too, which is really fun. He’s a very happy little boy, although perhaps he’s a little too playful and squirmy on the changing table. Getting those diapers on can sometimes be a bit difficult if you don’t distract him first. (Speaking of which we’ve switched to the large cloth diapers for regular use and 18 to 24 lb. disposibles for trips.)

They gave us printouts of his EpicCare Growth Charts and he’s right where he should be on things (which is to say that he’s between 0 and 100). Head circumference continues to bop between the 45 and 55 percentiles depending on the visit, weight remains close to the 70th percentile, and height—Jonah is long waisted like his mom—is in the 90th percentile. In fact, it’s height that’s causing us difficulties in clothing: Jonah is already wearing some six to nine month outfits simply because he’s too tall to fit into a lot of the three to six stuff.

Jonah handled his four month shots just fine, though it didn’t hurt that Mom was there to breastfeed him immediately afterward. If they had this kind of inducement for shots normally, you’d have lines of men miles long at medical clinics around the world. Anyhow, good check up for tall-boy Jonah. All systems “go.”