I spend the morning hanging out with Garr then spend the afternoon gimping around the soccer field.

Since Jonah arrived on the scene most of my out of city trips have been soccer-related. Today’s was no exception, but I did manage to combine it with a morning detour to see Garr. His band loligo has been on hiatus for about the last year and though I don’t think there has been any (more) personnel turnover, each band member has had his or her own life to attend to. For all its musical greatness, loligo isn’t a financially thriving concern so it’s not like people have been able to quit their day jobs. It’s sort of a bummer when real life intrudes.

Garr’s got his music rig out and running again, and has been writing stuff for, presumably, album number three. He contracted with a fellow who teaches Digital Performer, the music software we both use, to come out and help him get everything working. I may do the same. DP is easy enough to get started with on the software side, but the initial hardware setup and figuring out how to use the more advanced features can both be tricky. I might benefit from a quick tutorial from somebody who’s in the know.

After a nice brunch at Zell’s, a local eatery, I updated some software on Garr’s G4, and we talked politics, art, music, and so forth. It’s always enlightening. As I always seem to have to do, I left before I would have wished, thanks to my 2:30 PM soccer game. C’est la vie. A good time, short as it was.

The soccer game was a less than good time. We won 1-0, but I’ve severely strained my left calf muscle and my effectiveness was hampered considerably. I slathered it in Icy-Hot and that got me through the game, but I’m on a regiment of Advil probably for the next few days. We’ve got a bye next week, so I should have time to recover, but it means I’ll be missing my regular Tuesday and Thursday kick-arounds. That’s a bummer, too. Again, c’est la vie.