No day is a good day when both the Steelers and Team USA go down in flames.

The closest Babies R Us store is in Clackamas. Well, maybe Tigard, but we went to the Clackamas one today. Yesterday we looked at the fine print on our current car seat only to find that the limits were 20 lbs. or 26 inches. Hey whaddya know Jonah passed 26 inches a couple weeks ago. So we picked up a Britax Marathon today which comes courtesy of my parents as a generous gift. Britax in general is top-of-the-line awesome, and the Marathon specifically is rated up to 65 lbs. Jonah will be riding in this baby for a few years to come.

We returned to Salem only to watch the US Women’s World Cup Team go down 3-0 to Germany. From what I saw, the US outplayed the Germans, with the last two goals coming after we’d pushed just about everybody forward in an attempt to score late in the game. The US may have deserved to win, but you’ve got to give the Germans credit for not wilting under the US attack.

At the same time, I was channel surfing a little to watch the Steelers get blown out at home 33-13 by the Cleveland Browns. Defense is stout again the run and iffy against the pass. Offense is solid except that Maddox is tossing lots of INTs and they’re being returned for TDs. That changes soon, or we need another QB—a very distressing turn of events.

I was pretty bummed after both these losses, so I’m not planning to write them up in Sports or, really, to do anything other than try to erase them from memory. I’m consoling myself with Jonah’s nifty new carseat. At least it’s a winner.