Sometimes it gets downright exciting. And, hey, hey, Jonah’s half birthday is coming up.

I doubt Jonah will be crawling before six months. He seems right on the verge with a see-sawing of his little butt in the air and head on the ground followed by his head in the air with his butt on the ground. In truth he is getting a little locomotion out of the process, but I don’t think anyone would mistake it for actual crawling. If he manages the crawling trick before October 28, it’ll be something since babies rarely achieve that prior to six months.

I assembed Jonah’s high chair over the weekend, and he’s seemed pretty pleased with it. It’s got four different recline positions, eight separate heights, and two individual trays. All this, and we won’t even begin feeding him solids for at least another week or more. He’s slept in the high chair now, too, and he seems comfortable in it. It’s rated for up to 40 pounds so he’ll be hanging out with it for a while, so it’s good that he’s cottoned to it early. It’s also got wheels so we can Mario Andretti him around the upstairs, something he’s obviously delighted by (and which the manufacturer specifically recommends against). Trust me, we’re more careful in wheeling him about than I’m making it sound.

The question many folks want answered (if email is any judge) is just how it’s going for me watching Jonah every weekday. It’s been about two months since I started, and I’m having a great time. No always, mind you. Some days have difficult elements (this morning’s 4:30 AM wake-up call, for example), but for the most part, I feel so overjoyed and priviledged to watch and to help Jonah grow. It remains a very odd sensation to love someone so much when he just seemed to kind of pop into existence.

My mental state would be considerable worse if not for the help of family and friends. It seems obvious and silly to even mention, but if Erin weren’t such a great mom (and wife) I’d be in trouble. She’s done a remarkable job thus far balancing family with what is undeniably a very time-intensive job. My parents have been terrific in their willingness to watch the boy at the drop of the hat and for extended periods for stuff rears its head. The rest of the time, Jonah and I hang out and play. He laughs a lot.

For some reason he finds the removal of other people’s clothing hysterical. Erin took off her shin guards after a soccer game a few weeks back and I thought Jonah was gonna bust a gut. We’ve been handing over various household object for Jonah to explore, by which I mean he grabs them and sticks them in his mouth. Sometimes he tries to put as much of the object in his mouth as he can fit. Other times, when the object is overly large, he contents himself with simply licking it like a postage stamp. He’s not the only one doing a lot of laughing.