Who knew we were party-hopping kind of folks?

Our thanks to the Roses in Colton and to Elaine and Jim here in Salem for their most excellent respective parties today. We met up with Dennis and Maria in Colton at her parents’ beautiful home for a Halloween-style family and friends gathering. Along with other football fans in attendance, we saw large parts of ‘Bama’s 5 OT loss to Tennessee. I’m sure all my friends who are Crimson Tide fans have been placed on suicide watch by concerned family members. It’s no worse than being a Cubs or Red Sox fan in the last couple weeks, but that’s small consolation, I know. Anyway, Erin, Jonah, and I had a great time at the party, and we really enjoyed meeting Maria’s family (and extended family).

After our return to Salem, we went to Elaine and Jim’s “Fall Back” party. Elaine was a teacher at Sprague last year, so it wasn’t an entirely unfamilar crowd. (I nonetheless spent a lot of time talking with Rick, a Sprague science teacher, who I’d never met before.) Big tip of the evening from Erin’s friend Heather, an English teacher at Sprague: Digital photo processing at Costco for only 19 cents per image. Best price I’d seen was 49 cents. (Am I wrong in thinking that it’s tidbits like this that keep Davison Online from being utterly useless to all but the most hardcore Davison fans?) We really enjoyed seeing Heather and David, and hearing about their son Liam (who is a couple of months older than Jonah). Good times, good times.