The boy is simply more impressive than words can possibly express (said his father).

We started Jonah on solids today, to the extent that a tablespoon of organic barley flakes mixed with a tablespoon of breast milk until thoroughly liquified counts as a “solid.” Either way, Jonah loves the stuff, and the little plastic spoon we feed him with is his new best friend. He’ll be on this barley stuff for a week (in addition to his regular complement of breast milk). Next week we’ll try some other flake-milk mixture and see how that goes.

Jonah also discovered his feet today. Not that he wasn’t aware of them before, but today he found out that they can be mighty tasty. Through an amazing act of contortion he’s able to grab either foot (though he prefers his left) and shove it in his mouth. He’s quite content doing this, and it’s plenty amusing for the rest of us, so expect to see pictures soon. (Not in Jonah Gallery 13, Happy Jonah, though. These latest pictures came too late to make the cut for that album.)

Jonah’s floor skills continue to improve. He can inchworm his way here and there, traveling a few feet with great effort. Today, he got his knees underneath him and pushed up with his arms into a “ready to crawl” position. The new experience soon confused him, though, and back down he went (much like the first time I went waterskiing).