Battle Ground, Washington

It’s hard, what with missing Erin and Jonah and all, but Joe and Carol’s company and hospitality soften the blow.

Sometimes stuff takes me up to Portland for a few days, and these were a few of those days. Big thanks to Joe and Carol for opening up their home to me so I didn’t have to make repeated treks up and down I-5 to Salem every night.

In the evenings, Joe and I played with the iTunes sharing features, the FileMaker Pro 6 Open Remote feature, and Alien v. Predator’s kill everything that moves feature. OK, that last one is more of a tactic or strategy than a feature, but it’s kind of the way the game works out. Cooperative multiplayer over Airport was cool!

I stopped by Powell’s Tech Books one evening after work and picked up a bunch of freebies on Linux, Javascript, and Unix. I also bought a nifty book on web site color schemes which while not revolutionary, certainly should save me some time. I can’t believe I got out of the store without spending more than $13.