With easy roll over and massive attack poo-doo.

Kids’ draw over their parents can be considered one of the great mysteries of life. What would it matter that I don’t see Jonah for a few days? Erin and I have been apart for a couple weeks at a time (when she was in France), and though we both agree it that two weeks is too long, we bore the deprivation without major complaint. Three days away from Jonah and I pined for him every day. I kept myself distracted through work and play, but I’m obviously quite emotionally attached to the boy.

Erin told me that Jonah appeared to be longing for me too while I was gone. That may or may not be polite fiction, but I enjoyed hearing it nonetheless. He’s begun rolling front to back in my absence, so he can move about the floor using that trick. Super parental x-ray eyes now become a required part of the job requirement package. Jonah’s also eating lots of barley flakes mixed with breast milk, and I got to see the diaper-side results this morning. Whew, what a poo-doo. I think I’m permanently scarred psychologically.

The weather dropped below freezing last night and probably will do the same tonight. If we take Jonah out, it was to be in my old Tarzan outfit, but now I think the King of the Jungle might wear some fashionable (and warmer) polar fleece clothing as well.

Happy Halloween, everyone!