I love parties that go on and on, playing my favorite songs, and…and…twins!

First things first: We saw Matt, Ginger, and Laura in the hospital last night, and everybody’s doing great. I held Laura for a while, and after lugging Jonah’s almost 18 lbs. around, her 8 lbs. seemed just light as a feather. It’s amazing how fast kids grow. Laura should be home from the hospital by the time you read this.

This evening we braved the rush hour traffic (commute time = 45 extra minutes) to party with the Starrs up in Portland. Erin’s mom, Liz, is in town this weekend for Jonah’s baptism, and though we never need an excuse to party it up, we sure will take it if we got it.

Adam and Nena’s seven month-old twins, Lucy and Noor, provided a lot of entertainment. Not only can they crawl and sit up, they’re also using coffee tables, and they like to pull themselves into a standing position. I don’t know if it’s just having a same-age sibling to compete with or what, but they’re way ahead of the curve developmentally. Although as Adam quite rightly noted, it’s not a race, I hope Jonah took notes nevertheless.

A lot of folks having been rather grimly warning me about how tough everything gets once Jonah can crawl and get into things. Maybe I’ll change my tune, but I think Jonah’s crawling about will be great fun. I’m really looking forward to him being able to scoot about under his own power. For me, enjoying each bit of progress and basking in every moment of a particular developmental stage is part of what makes parenthood the joy that it is. I’ve loved watching the changes so far, and I continue to look forward to what’s ahead.