No fuss, no muss. Good brunch. And poured water only. No dunk. Sweetness for the new boy!

Jonah received the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Baptism this afternoon in the font at Queen of Peace. Father George Wolf presided. Beside the obvious trio of Erin, Jonah, and me, attendees included three out of four of Jonah’s grandparents (Ed, Carole, and Liz) and Jonah’s godparents, Joe and Carol.

Although the possibility of unexpected behavior always lurks in any ceremony involving an infant, I am pleased to report that Jonah modeled civility and happiness, an attitude and a mood no doubt helped by the lengthy nap he took on my shoulder during the last half of the Mass that proceeded his baptism. (I don’t care if he is only 18 lbs. That’s one darned heavy boy when you have to hold him for 30 minutes—especially if you’re trying to keep him immobile enough not to wake him.)

After the service, everyone came over for a celebratory brunch. We ate and watched Jonah do little Jonah things. I found particularly noteworthy Jonah’s immense affection and longing for the red-topped syrup bottle, an act which played out before the assemblage to much mirth and merriment. It will take me a few days to get it sorted but expect to see images from the day in Jonah Gallery 14.

Our thanks to Father George, Liz, Ed, Carole, Joe and Carol for their love and support.