The little boy is so, so close to getting this right. When will my weight loss plan of chasing him around start?

Try as he might, Jonah can’t quite grasp the concept of crawling forward yet. He’s on all fours and in prime position, but his coordination is off and he ends up crawling backward (a feat also worthy of celebration even if it’s not quite the answer we were looking for). It was cool that he got to practice a lot on Joe and Carol’s padded carpet. Doing the old face plant there isn’t nearly so bad as doing it on hardwoods.

After a rather rough night for Jonah—up at 2:20 AM and up at 4 AM—we went to Mass with Joe and Carol at Sacred Heart in Battle Ground this morning. Jonah contented himself with looking around at the people and the church interior. I’ve only held him through a couple Masses, but he’s been delightful each time. (OK, there was a certain wedding at which he was finicky. That’s ancient history.)

After Mass, Joe and I moved his still-under-construction greenhouse into position. Joe and Dennis worked on it yesterday while I watched Jonah (and U of O tromp OSU) from the house’s warm and friendly confines. Already enough of the framework is up to see that Joe’s going to have a very impressive structure come spring. Once again, count me among those impressed with Joe’s building skills.

Our thanks to Joe and Carol for allowing us to share their weekend!