I thought for sure all that Purell would keep me protected. Wrong-o.

Apparently, I’ve deluded myself yet again. I figured for sure that a little anti-bacterial Purell on the hands multiple times every day would keep the cold and flu bugs from hitting me this year. No such luck even with the flu shot I received a few weeks ago. Jonah’s cold lasted Monday through Wednesday, and I picked it up from him on Wednesday. He appears to be more or less done with it—the couple nights we had a humidifer going in his room helped mitigate the symptoms somewhat—and now it’s my turn to deal with the running nose, watery eyes, and congested sinuses. If history is any guide, I may be done with it by Christmas (or not).

The cold has meant a tough week for Jonah. As I mentioned, we stuck a humidifer in his room which helped him breath easier, but he was up several times a night for a couple of days there. That’s a pain for both Erin and me, but perhaps more so for me since Erin can readily settle herself back to sleep and for whatever reason I can’t. Even with a two-hour mid-day nap yesterday, I’m exhausted today.

No major progress to report on the crawling front. Jonah can still pop himself up onto all fours and move backward. We expect him to decipher the forward movement riddle any day now, and despite my cold and general discomfort I’m still looking forward to it.

We had a most excellent Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ place on Thursday. We combined that with a birthday celebration for Bret since car trouble prevented him from making a planned Wednesday night appearance. We ate a great meal, watched Jonah be Jonah, and played some Uno. Good, good times.