Saturday Market and more with Jim and Terri.

One would think that we’d traverse the 60 mile distance between Salem and Eugene more frequently. We just don’t go south that often, I’m afraid, despite it being a rather straight shot down the interstate. But we did today, and if today’s visit with Jim and Terri isn’t proof that we should do this more often, than I don’t know what is.

After a brief layover at their home, we ventured to Eugene’s Saturday Market. I would call Eugene’s version akin to Portland’s, but with a greater hippy flavor and, importantly, a roof. Held in Eugene’s Expo Center, the only rain we had to dodge was in going from car to building. Perhaps being indoors provided an atmosphere of class to the proceedings or maybe it just made for a more pleasant shopping experience. Either way, Eugene’s Saturday Market experience has a lot to recommend it even if most of the vended items aren’t exactly the types to which I’m personally drawn.

Afterward we returned to Jim and Terri’s place. Their dog Porter is a border collie/retriever mix, and the intelligence of his breeding was obvious. They’ve taught him all kinds of different commands and tricks, and he clearly delights in learning and doing things. A lot of this kept Jonah intrigued and entertained.

Jim’s company is closing their Eugene office, so he’ll be working out of a home office like I am. He’s been testing it out, and except for a not quite having yet figured the logistics of FedEx drop-offs, everything has gone well. I almost wonder if he’ll find his productivity enhanced by the home environment. I’ve never been able to test that (having always run SiteRev from home), but I suspect it might be the case. For her part, Terri’s been working (through her company) on planning projects for the University of Oregon.

Thanks to them both for the great Sunday!