Good grief we’re sleep-deprived here in the Davison household.

Never have I had the problems I do presently in getting back to sleep. I’ve been hesistant to call it insomnia since I’ve always taken that term to mean problems getting to sleep. I have no problem getting to sleep. I do have, however, a huge problem getting back to sleep once Jonah has awoken me at 2 AM. The poor fellow has been teething and suffering from a cough which wakes him and consequently us. I’ve tried some Baby Orajel for the former issue and it seems to have mitigated the pain sufficiently. The cough, well, I dunno. We’ve got a humidifer running at night to help with congestion. Otherwise, whaddya do?

Both Erin and I have felt somewhat under the weather this week ourselves, perhaps more due to lack of sleep than anything else. Even with Erin successfully returning to slumberland on those 2 AM occasions, she’s still not getting the sleep she does normally. And me…good lord, I’m on something like 3 or 4 hours a night. I’ll go to sleep at 11ish, Jonah wakes me at 2ish, then despite my best efforts I’m up until about 6 AM. I sleep for an hour or so until Erin leaves (or Jonah wakes again), then I’m up for the day. Last night Erin dealt with Jonah solo, and I got a blissful eight hours. I feel almost human.

Anyway, if anyone’s got a good insominia cure that’s not drug-related, I’m open to suggestion.

[For those wondering, this is part of why our Christmas cards are running late this year. We hope to have them out the door soon.]