Los Altos, California

Christmas part 1 with the Davison Clan then a Southwest flight to San Jose, California.

We’ve been separating Christmas into parts 1 and 2 for a few years, spending the morning of the 25th at my parents’ place in Salem then flying or driving to California to spend the 26th with the Lillys. This has worked so well from our perspective—who wouldn’t want two Christmases a year?—that we can see doing two a year for some time to come.

Jonah got his first taste of the seasonal hubbub and enjoyed it. The lights, the sounds, the smells…the wrapping paper…Jonah spent the morning and early afternoon as a very happy boy, and as expected, the rest of us Davisons had a great time too.

After Christmas brunch, we returned home to do final packing for our trip. This turned out to be a little more harried than we might have prefered, but suffice to say that we ultimately hauled Jonah, his things and our things onto the appropriate (and only half-full) Southwest Airlines flight. Jonah didn’t sleep the trip like he did during the summer, but with only minor moments of whining he had a good time. (In the spirit of the season, I’ll skip all the details of the diaper blow out Jonah had on the concourse as we deplaned.)

News on Christmas part 2, tomorrow.