Los Altos, California

From MacWorld to Return of the King, a great three days in the Bay Area.

Dave and I spent Tuesday at MacWorld in San Francisco. Slightly smaller show than previous years, but we found lots of goodies to inspire techno-lust. For those interested, see the coverage in the Mac section.

On Wednesday we lunched at Habana Cuba, a client of mine in San Jose, then headed to East Palo Alto to check out the big, relatively new Ikea store and the more upscale Home Depot Expo. We were unimpressed on the whole with the Ikea store. Most of the items struck us as cheaply made, and many of the designs weren’t anything we’d be interested in regardless. Glad we did the store tour once nonetheless. Afterward we went through Home Depot Expo, which holds a lot of high-end home furnishings. Always interesting.

On Thursday, we saw Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Viewing number two for me, number one for Dave. Terrific movie. Can’t wait for the extended DVD. Prior to the movie, we drove up into Los Altos Hills to look at some of the multimillion dollar homes. Too bad we didn’t find an open house. It would’ve been interesting to poke around the interior.