Battle Ground, Washington

Joe and Carol host another great one!

Happy birthday wishes to Joe and Carol, who hosted an awesome get-together attended by Eileen and Dave; Susan; Matt, Ginger, and Laura; Dennis and Maria; and Erin, Jonah, and me. We ate a great chicken enchillada dinner, listened to various iTunes-based music selections, watched a couple photo slideshows, played a DVD-based party game (called Scene It, I think), and chatted about the wide variety of topics that get-togethers of this type tend to excite. Later in the evening, we played Kill Dr. Lucky, an abstract thinking board game that rapidly proved a whole lotta fun. I dare say that this is a game that will reappear at future get-togethers. It is a very good time.

Afterward, Erin, Jonah, and I spent a lovely night at Joe and Carol’s, Jonah enjoying the best night’s sleep he’s had in a week or more. Our heartiest happy birthday wishes and continuing thanks to Joe and Carol!