How old is Jonah and how’s he doing?

Jonah turned nine months old last week. He’s crawling readily now, walking around with help, pulling himself up to standing, babbling important phrases like “hi da da” without knowing what he’s saying, and trying to learn how to clap.

The Well-Baby check up uncovered a bit of an ear infection so Jonah’s been on bubble gum-flavored antibiotics since then. He eagerly quaffs the stuff three times a day right before meals. The only downside has been that it’s changed the smell of his poop to be even worse than before, something I would’ve sworn was impossible.

His daytime naps are solid, but night time has proved a bit rough of late. In the last few weeks he’s been up once or twice a night. I can get him back to sleep within 10 minutes, tops, but I’ve been unable to do the same for myself. That’s made for several quite groggy days.

Jonah’s started to experience a little separation anxiety, becoming upset when Erin and/or I leave the room. Who can blame him for thinking we’re wonderful people to be around? Certainly not me. Accompanying this is a bit of stranger anxiety as well, I think. Jonah’s not upset with others. He just wants to check things out before he commits to being happy about it. Nobody should take his lack of immediate smile as dislike. Once he gets to know you, he’ll smile, laugh, and maybe even plant a big wet one on ya. (You’ve been warned.)

The crib we ordered from Baby Depot in August finally arrived. Worth the wait, I think. It’s a pecan colored C&T Silver model featuring inset hardware, wing nuts for raising and lowering the mattress (so you don’t need a screwdriver), and a big drawer under the crib itself. Very attractive too, if I do say so myself.

As near as I can determine, life for Jonah ain’t so bad.