Battle Ground, Washington
I was all set to do him in myself when Erin got in my way. Great times in Battle Ground nevertheless. My kind of Presidents’ Day.

Cheapass Games isn’t quite the name I’d pick for a company, but I suppose it accurately reflects their biggest selling point. Their Kill Dr. Lucky game is only $10 or so and a raging good lot of fun to play. This evening’s Kill Dr. Lucky affair was part of a larger good time Presidents’ Day party at Joe and Carol’s. We joined Eileen and Dave, Susan, Linda, and Joe and Carol for a great turkey pot pie dinner and delicious dump cake dessert before hunting Dr. Lucky. I can’t believe he escaped my grasp, though I’m surely not the only one at the table who had that thought cross their mind.

One thing that we have really grown to appreciate is everyone’s willingness to hold and play with Jonah. I’m sure it’s not entirely altruistic—Jonah’s a pretty fun toy—but it nonetheless gives Erin and I a chance to relax for a bit. So a hearty thank you to everyone who took a turn holding Jonah. We’re grateful, and I’m sure he enjoyed it.

Speaking of enjoyment, we stayed over in Joe and Carol’s—good thing, too, since I never would’ve made it back to Salem after the party broke up around midnight. As we always do, we had a lovely time with them, and send big thanks in their direction for letting us spend the night.

My kind of Presidents’ Day.