The tilde (~) is going away. Since it started, Davison Online has been hosted at Since I’ve changed servers, that tilde is a problem. The new servers are Linux-based and Linux, like many Unix variants, has a thing about metacharacters like the tilde. In short, the tilde means return to home directory which, while it works in some contexts, absolutely screws the bejeezes out of Movable Type and other CGI-running server applications. So good-bye, tilde. We thank you for your long and useful service. Henceforth, Davison Online’s URL will be

That minor web configuration issue now solved, I think the Davison Online remodel will now proceed apace. Similarly, thanks to the help of my friends Dave and Joe, I think the room remodel may advance in a similarly rapid fashion.

Dave was here all day yesterday, and in addition to spending some serious fun time with Jonah, he also helped me cart our dressers into the living room and our file cabinets and queen-sized bed downstairs. That was not easy work, and it’s no lie to say that I couldn’t have done it without him.

Joe drove his truck down today. Together we visited Lowe’s and hauled off a roll of R-15 insulation and 16 boards of Sheetrock. We are good to go for tomorrow’s opening demo day, and if we get lucky and make great progress we might even be able to put up some insulation and drywall. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Joe also helped me move my parents’ sofa from their hallway (where it’s taken up space for months now) into our downstairs. I’d been promising them I’d get it hauled over here for some time now, so it feels really good to have this one off the “to do” list.

It’s already apparent, is it not, that without the help of friends, I’d just be tilting at windmills. So much of what I accomplish and will accomplish is through the help and support of friends and family. And I am grateful.