I’ve started walking longer distances. For example, yesterday evening I went from the far side of the dining area into the middle of the kitchen. Hands-free, baby! It was very impressive if I do say so myself. Mom, Dad, and Grandpa all started clapping, so I joined in. I’m not sure why we were all doing that, but it was fun.

Earlier, I climbed the stairs four or five times just to make sure I could do it. When Grandpa got here, I went half way up the stairs with him, then I had him carry me the rest of the way. I liked that.

I’m pointing at a lot of things now. Sometimes I see something worth pointing at, other times I just like to point. My hands sure are interesting. Feet, too, which why I frequently try to take off my socks. Toes should be free!

I’ve started talking a little bit, though there’s a better than even chance that Mom and Dad don’t have a clue what I’m saying. I don’t quite have the pronunciation down for most words, so when I try to say something like, “Doggy” it comes up more like “Ahhh-eeee.” I’ll work on it.