Since working up in Portland on Monday, I’ve been hanging out with the boy and trying to get some in-house projects finished. Fair success on most, though I’ve not had any chance to do further demolition work—something that’s left me a little concerned about everything we’ll need to do on Saturday.

But I’ve received the new window for Erin’s office (aka nursery #2), and I’ve placed the order for the master bedroom windows. The dumpster bin is scheduled to arrive Friday AM so all should be in readiness for Saturday’s chaos.

I went swimming for a few minutes yesterday with the Lexus electronic key fob. This vexxed me greatly at the time, but so far there’s been no detectable drop in performance, so maybe the wireless clicker thingy isn’t ruined afterall. We’ll see.

I’m still struggling to get this Movable Type blog where I want it to be. I’ll probably maintain my old blog that starts with the tilde for a few more months as I transition things over. I don’t think I can do it any faster than that.