Happy Easter, everybody! This crossposted news entry represents the death of the HTML-editor-based weblog I’ve run since February 1997. It started with simplistic Adobe PageMill 2.0, moved quickly to also simplistic Adobe PageMill 3.0, underwent a sizable transition to GoLive’s CyberStudio 3.0 which was at the time the state-of-the-art, and followed all this by transitions to Adobe GoLive 4, 5, 6, and now CS.

For those wondering why I’m abandoning this sort of blogging, the answer is easy: For running a weblog, the HTML-editor scene has run its course. I’ve created a workflow in GoLive that is about as streamlined as can be, and it’s painful in its tedium and its time-consuming steps. Even this entry will take at least 5 to 10 minutes in addition to typing time simply because various files need to be updated or moved. That doesn’t include a secondary but no less bothersome point: Five years worth web site materials under GoLive on a G3/500 makes for pretty slow computer response times.

So Davison Online as it was ceases to be as of today….

…and yet your favorite(?) self-deluded online superstar is not finished with his online prattling. No! Only death or incarceration—no bets, please on which is more likely—will stop these online missives. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m moving everything to a Movable Type-based weblog system, and I’m happy to announce that the prototype is ready for viewing at http://www.siterev.com/davison/mt/. You may even see a few new entries from earlier this month.

A few notes about the new site: The user interface is incomplete, most of the old site has not been moved (yet), and the commenting system is not presently operational. Nonetheless, I think what you’ll find ultimately is that this new system is as good if not better than the old and that if offers a few features that I could not hope to have implemented using GoLive. Further, because the updating is dramatically easier and more efficient, I should be posting more frequently. We’ll shall see if this is a good thing.

And so my friends, an online rebirth on a day that seems made for just that thing.