Thanks to the help of Matt, Dennis, and Dave, the Big Kahuna Demolition Day met with huge success. We hauled out all kinds of junk and debris into the dumpster, and finished demo work on both the bedroom we worked on last weekend and the master bedroom. We could not be more pleased about how well the Demo Day turned out. Thank you, friends!

Next Saturday Joe and I will be tackling window installation for the smaller bedroom. Assuming the windows for the master bedroom arrive in time, we’ll be installing windows in that room the following Saturday. Then it will be on to insulation and sheet rocking.

The long-term timeline calls for everything to be finished by June 12, but as is my nature, I’m hoping to conclude everything sooner. I’ve got enough stuff on the “to do” list that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to substantially advance the time line. Nonetheless, with the help of friends, hope springs eternal.