I had such a miserable day today—lots of fussing and unhappiness—that it was great to end it with my first game of hide ‘n’ seek with Dad. Dad couldn’t tell if I was upset by teething or gas today, and since I wasn’t about to tell him, about all he could do was hug me when I started crying. I’m sure he felt badly, but, hey, I felt badly too.

All that aside, we had a great time this evening playing hide ‘n’ seek around the living room sofa. Mom was gone to her monthly French group, so she didn’t get to play, but I’m sure she will next time. Anyway, the way it works is this: Dad hides somewhere around the sofa, and I go find him. I found him every time! Some times it was easier than others because I could hear him laughing as he crawled along the other side of the sofa. Then I knew for sure which way to go! Once I found him he’d give me a hug or we’d laugh a lot (or, usually, both) then we’d do it again.

We musta played for a good 90 minutes. I’m looking forward to doing it again.