Thanks to Joe, the new window is installed in the bedroom formerly known as Erin’s office, now known only as an unpronounceable symbol. We encountered remarkable success at every turn save one: The sliding pane of the horizontal slider window has a manufacturing defect which renders it unable to close completely and which bows inward on the locking side of the pane. Fortunately, the window pane is fully removable, so I should be able to simply have it replaced. Now you know how I will be spending part of my Monday.

Otherwise, though, everything went as smoothly as one could hope. The room is coming together up nicely, and we should be in good shape to put the other windows into the master bedroom on Friday, assuming they arrive in time.

In the meanwhile, a big shout out to my homey Joe for all his help with the window installation gig. Thanks to him, I’m getting closer all the time to understanding what it is I’m doing in construction and remodeling. Trust me, I’d be baffled by a good chunk of it otherwise. Props.