Yesterday I got to go with Mom to see her work. It was fun! There were so many people there, and I was so widely admired that I got very excited and only took a 30 minute nap for the whole day! This made me very sleeping come evening, and I went to bed before 8 PM and didn’t wake up until this morning at 7:15 AM. That’s a long time, even for me!

The high school kids were very good to me. When I went walking in the halls during passing time, they even created a protective bubble of space around me so that I could walk unimpeded. I could definitely get used to being treated so royally. Later, during Mom’s prep period, I was walking out in the hall when an older boy walked by and said hello. I ran over and grabbed his leg so he’d know I was friendly too. I think he understood my meaning, but he sure seemed a little uncertain.

I had a great day! Mom should take me to work more often.