…also known as the “Joe is da man” entry. Once again traveling down I-5 to help me in my time of need (and confusion—I still find parts of the window installation process baffling), Joe showed up with his merry band of saws, hammers, and various other construction implements and put them to good use.

I only had a bit of the front siding loosened when he arrived, but with Joe’s help we quickly removed all the necessary boards and eased the 1950s-era double hung windows out of their moorings and into the garage. (Eventually the windows are destined for either charity or the dump.) Turns out that the lumber I bought at Home Depot yesterday was insufficient for use as trim. (Note to anyone interested: Never send me to buy lumber. I invariably buy the wrong stuff.) We were, fortunately, able to use three of the eight boards and return the other five.

After a quick pitstop at Subway, we proceeded to Home Depot for the necessary lumber and to make the aforementioned return. I am seriously loading up on Subway Club Card stickers thanks to all these construction projects.

We had little trouble installing the new single hung windows thanks to the best window framing job we’d done yet. The uneven ground made the ladder work a little trickier than other install projects, but the windows went in so smoothly that it almost seemed to me like we were missing a step. (We were: We didn’t have to re-reframe window openings this time.)

As the afternoon rolled on, we put the siding back on the front. Except for a little caulking and painting, the front side of the house is finished. The new single hung windows are spectacular, providing a much better view of both the street and of the weed-filled terrace down to the park. Erin’s gonna want that terrace worked on now, I just know it.

A little daylight remained through the evening hours, so we moved to the back and put as much of the siding back on to the house as we could. There’s still a little more to do there, but nothing so complex that I need any of Joe’s saws to complete the task.

Daylight faded and we joined Erin and Jonah at the dinner table for a well-deserved pizza. My continuing thanks to Joe for his unstinting support, encouragement, and work.