Dave cowboyed up for yesterday’s version of This Old House and we spent about six hours (with a break for lunch) putting up siding on the back of the house. Although the first part of the job went quickly, the second half proved tricky since we had to cut boards and alternate seams and do all kinds of fancy-schmancy woodwork.

Dave was a pro with the Skil saw, though, and by the end of the day we had all but one board back on the house. (Note that when I say “pro” I mean that he accepted payment not in dollars but in Subway sandwiches and Mountain Dew. Other professional remodelers may be unwilling to accept foodstuffs and cans of sodas as payment. Your mileage may vary.) I should mention that Dave messed up once while cutting a board, and did something that didn’t actually result in a problem of any kind. Indeed, it was so inconsequential that I’ve forgotten what it was now, but I promised that I’d mock him on my web site, so Dave buddy, consider this paragraph it.

The board we were unable to get back on we might have been able to fake and slap on anyway. Since it needs to be cut (or “ripped”) almost the length of the board then notched, we both thought it best to wait for Joe and his über saws to do the job right. With the right equipment it shouldn’t be a big deal (though having more woodworking talent than I do might also help); we just don’t have the right tools at present.

That’s a minor point, however, in what was otherwise a fantastically successful day. The bedroom remodeling project is in great shape now, with the next steps being to caulk and paint the exterior and to insulate and sheet rocking the interior. Big thanks to Dave!