I am one year old today. When I reflect on all the change of the past year, I feel very self-satisfied. I mean, what a list it is: I can roll over, sit up, walk, babble, grab things with either hand, pass things from hand to hand, pick up small object between my thumb and finger, understand a few words and respond to them (clap, high five, wave), and so on. In short, I’m very happy with myself and my situation in life.

Since this is also the one year anniversary of Apple’s iTunes and since Daddy makes such a big deal about both Apple and music, I thought I’d make a list of songs I’ve listened to in the last year:

The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett. One of the best improvisational piano albums of all time. From age 0 to 6 months, this was my mid-afternoon sleeping music (along with some stuff Dad hammered out).

Shepherd Moons by Enya. Daddy and I danced a lot to Caribbean Blue after I got home from the hospital. Listen to Caribbean Blue here.

The Best of Al Stewart by Al Stewart. This isn’t the exact album I listened to since that one is out of print, but it includes all my favs like Year of the Cat, Song on the Radio, and Time Passages.

I Got Shoes by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Music for little people like me!

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Jonah Gallery 018 featuring me in all my 10-11 month old cuteness!