Other than blowing out diapers left and right and puking everywhere, Jonah’s doing great.

So we took Jonah in to Kaiser Urgent Care this evening. His earlier blowout about which I expended so much creative writing energy was the harbinger of a full-fledged viral attack which saw the poor boy blowout several more diapers and puke his breakfast carrots and sweet potatoes just about everywhere (carseat, Mom, me in the Kaiser parking lot). Yeah, it’s been a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Jonah’s lost a couple of pounds in the process (down to 21 lbs from 23.1), he’s running a low-grade fever (100 degrees), and he’s probably a little dehydrated since he can’t keep even water down. We’ve given him some children’s Motrin and some Pedialyte and put him to bed. Hopefully he’ll awaken refreshed and having kicked the flu bug in the teeth.

We’re not particularly worried at this juncture. Jonah actually was running around the lobby area of North Lancaster Kaiser having a great time while we waited for his appointment. He some larger measure he continues to be his normal jolly self. We expect he’ll return to 100 percent within the next day or two.