Everything was just dandy until yesterday at 3 PM when I blew out a diaper whilst sitting in my high chair. My biter biscuit looked a lot less appetizing after that, I can tell you.

Dad took me out to see Mom at school. I preceeded to blow out a couple more diapers and upchuck all over the carseat on the way home. Don’t think that I’m pleased by this turn of events.

Mom and Dad got everything cleaned up. Then I threw up on Mom. Dad put me in the car seat while she got changed, then we drove out to Kaiser North Lancaster. Dad got me out of the car so I threw up on him. I’m not really sure why. Maybe I thought he deserved a turn like Mom. He changed shirts.

I actually had a good time running around the lobby while waiting for my urgent care appointment. Peter Pan was playing on a TV, and there was a lot of space to roam.

The appointment itself was a series of affronts to my personal dignity. Do you have any idea how they took my temperature? They’ll be hearing from my attorney. Anyway, I had a low-grade fever, so I’m on children’s Motrin.

Today I’m supposed to spend the day taking in only liquids like Pedialyte, so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna stink. If the night was any indication, it’s just not going to be a happy day. I’m going back to bed.