Jonah’s run a low-grade fever (100 degrees) since Tuesday afternoon despite dosages of children’s Motrin every four to six hours or so. (Directions call for only four dosages in a 24 hour period so we’re abiding by that.) We switched over to children’s Tylenol this evening, and last temp was sub-100, so we may be out of the woods in that respect. As I understand it, low-grade fevers aren’t much of a health concern and actually indicate the body working against the virus. Obviously that doesn’t mean they’re fun and that everybody’s gonna run out and try to get one.

Jonah ate OK yesterday evening and this morning, but he puked up lunch, so we’ve taken a step back on that. Diapers continue on the runny side, though there’s some semi-solid consistency to them. I believe dehydration and lack of nutrient intake are the primary concerns there, and we’re doing what we can to combat both.

Jonah spent the morning listless, whiny, and wanting to be held. Thank God my back is improved over last week or I’d have been doomed. Fluid intact has been OK, but the boy is sick of Pedialyte and who can blame him. He’s taking water, though, so that’s something.

We’re going to see how tonight goes and how he feels in the morning. If we don’t see improvement, we’re planning another visit to Kaiser. This may be nothing to worry about, but as a first-time parent facing my kid’s first big illness, I hardly want to be the judge of what is or isn’t serious.