Jonah’s still in the throes of illness. No upchucks today thankfully, but the diaper scene rates up there with Aliens on the scale of gross things. A big THANK YOU to my parents for allowing Jonah and me to spend the afternoon with them. Jonah loved the company and the change of scenery, and after a week of caring for a sick little boy, I appreciated the additional help.

After some children’s Tylenol his fever broke yesterday which made him feel a lot better. His mood was buoyed by this fact again today. Indeed, for those rare moments when he actually smiled today it was like the clouds parting the sun shining down. He has not made many happy faces in the last few days.

Erin’s proctoring the SATs tomorrow morning. I’m working on the remodeling tomorrow afternoon. If all goes well, we’ll be watching Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals tomorrow night, and Jonah will be feeling 100 percent. Stay tuned.