We’re passing around viruses like a game of hot potato.

Jonah is much better now. His fever has subsided, his food is staying down, and his poo-doos are solid. He does have a secondary viral infection in his left eye which we had checked out at Kaiser today. Since it’s not bacterial, we’re just supposed to watch it and make sure it doesn’t get worse. I read up on Pink Eye last night, so I wasn’t too concerned except for the booger-like discharge from the tear duct every 10 minutes. Still no big deal. He’s returning to form.

Erin and I, on the other hand, are sliding down the slope. Erin’s got the chills—they’re multiplying—and I’m losin’ control. The power she’s supplying is electrifying, and I better shape up. Did I mention the Nyquil (and Dayquil) I’ve been downing lately? Anyway, Erin went to school today but if it hadn’t been essential (last class before finals) she would’ve been home in bed.

I’ve got a chest cold that taking my voice away. That would be considered a plus in some circles, I know. I went to my soccer game in Portland this evening anyway. Sudafed works wonders: 3-1 victory with 1 goal by yours truly. My back is OK which is another worry I’ve had of late. Another big THANK YOU to my parents for watching Jonah for a couple hours this evening so Erin could nap. It helped.

A quick Jonah story: Jonah was sitting in his high chair eating a fig newton when he got bored with the taste and stuck in his hair. Erin said, “Jonah, don’t put the fig bar in your hair.” Jonah immediately tossed the fig bar behind his head (where it stuck) and held up both hands innocently as if to say, “What fig bar? I don’t have a fig bar.” He’s a cute kid, especially when he’s well.

Now if Erin and I can get well, maybe we’ll be cute too.