It turns out that Jonah is not as well as I thought. He had a fever of 102 yesterday, which we had down to 100 by the evening. It’s 100 again today. That secondary viral infection has spread a bit. It’s now in both eyes and he’s coughing occasionally. Still in relatively good spirits, however, and his food and water intake and output is solid (pun intended).

Erin and I are both struggling through the week. We’re both severely under the weather and if we didn’t have jobs to do and a kid to watch we’d be in bed trying to sleep this off. She’s in finals now so the days should be a little easier for her. I’m backlogged in every area of life and dropping out on commitments right and left (and feeling none too good about it either). Nonetheless, in those random clear-headed moments of the day, I feel extraordinarily lucky and thankful that things for all of us aren’t worse and that we have the support we do.